Indonesian Furniture Manufanture

Graha Indah was founded by Anna Rozaq in 2002. Her love 
of furniture making has brought the company growth every year since and it's now been 12 years since Graha Indah started trading and delivering their furniture all over the world.

The company name "Graha Indah" wich means "Beautiful Homes" in english, was chosen because our aim is to manufacture furniture that will make customer's homes even more beautiful.

 We can supply all the indoor furniture for your home, in the bedroomliving room, dining room and all occassional furniture.

We also always work closely with our retail shop customers and their designers to statisfy the needs of their customers and to introduce new design in to their shop.

We simply want to be "the best furniture company", "making good beautiful furniture".

At Beautiful Homes Furniture, we are proud of our past, positive about our furniture and genuinely excited to be making furniture for our customers.




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